Biedermeier Card Table


A Biedermeier card table. Biedermeier was an influential German style of furniture design that evolved between 1815–1848. Throughout the period, an emphasis on clean lines and minimal ornamentation prevailed and, as the period progressed, the style moved from the early rebellion against Romantic-era fussiness to increasingly ornate commissions by a rising middle class, eager to show their newfound wealth. The idea of clean lines and utilitarian postures would resurface in the 20th century, continuing into the present day. Middle- to late-Biedermeier furniture design represents a heralding toward historicism and revival eras long sought for. This table, in a mahogany veneer, dates back to 1920 Central Europe.


Mahogany Veneer


35.8 x 17.7 x 29.7


Central Europe