The Altea collection includes materials such as soft upholstery, metal, stone, glass and wood. The finishes that have been incorporated contrast from sandblasting to polishing, and stripping to staining. Fabrics by Romo (based in Nottinghamshire, UK) are being used to upholster divans and dining room chairs, and veneers like ebony, palm and eucalyptus, add a distinct edge to each piece, especially to Altea’s Art Deco pieces. Bespoke metal and wood finishes have been developed to resemble patinas, helping the newer modern pieces blend seamlessly with Altea’s antiques as they pay homage to the tradition of fine furniture making. Meanwhile, naturally aged 100-year-old patinas are buffed and polished with a wax to showcase their natural beauty.

Altea's furniture is for everyone. It is ideally suited for any home, modern or contemporary, as well as a hotel lobby or a chic café – the pieces are incredibly versatile and completely customizable. The fabrics, veneers and finishes have been chosen to truly personify each antique, and clients can request a myriad of design specifications to meet their particular needs. This collection was designed to be flexible and offer buyers the ability to imagine each piece tailored to their needs. We responded to the market conditions that require naturally aged-looking pieces - except that our patinas are real and tell a story.

They can stand alone as a statement-making piece or become a functional integral part of any space. These antiques don't dictate what they are - the designer as well as the client decide their ultimate form and look.

We are excited to introduce the world to Altea Furniture and showcase this incredible collection of contemporary antiques. Welcome to the rebirth.